The language for smart devices

DLMS/COSEM is the globally recognized standard specifying a language for data exchange with smart devices ensuring interoperability, efficiency and security.

DLMS/COSEM specifies the data model, the messaging  protocol and media-specific communication profiles.

Used in 60+ countries, implemented by 150+ vendors, in 1 000+ certified device types, it offers solutions for communication with almost any constrained and non-constrained smart device, over any networks.

DLMS/COSEM based systems find their applications for sensing, metering and control across electricity, gas, heat energy, water and more.

Use of the standard offers security of investment for purchasers and suppliers, reducing costs and risks over time.

DLMS/COSEM is internationally standardized since 2002 as part of he IEC / EN 62056 and the EN 13757 standard suites.