Accredited Practitioner

  • 1
    Step 1: Become a member of DLMS UA and participate in the Maintenance and GCP Groups
  • 2
    Step 2: Click “Start” and fill in the pop-up widget
  • 3
    Step 3: Upload your presentation into myDLMS and tell DLMS UA about your experience
  • 4
    Step 4: Fill in the information required from the checklist DLMS has Sent you
  • 5
    Step 5: Complete the questionnaire and attend an interview
  • 6
    Step 6: Receive your agreement and become a DLMS practitioner

The applicant must be a member of DLMS UA at any level. The applicant must become a member of the maintenance working group and where applicable, other working groups which produce the Generic Companion Profiles (GCP).