Publication of the Certification

When the applicable fees are paid and the test results are acceptable, the Certification is published on the List of certified equipment and the manufacturer and the third party tester are notified.

The Certification serves as documentary evidence of what has been tested under what conditions. For this reason a Certification, once issued, cannot be withdrawn, changed or replaced. If the data are incorrect or have to be changed for any reason, the test session(s) have to be run again and a new Certification application is needed.

Validity of the Certification

The Certifications issued are valid without a time limit.

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to initiate a new conformance assessment and certification process when the meter type and the firmware determining the DLMS/COSEM features supported is changed. This applies also in the case when the firmware is updated in the field.

Re-testing with a new version of the CTT

If an IUT exactly of the same type and DLMS/COSEM features is re-tested with a new version of the CTT, a new Certification will be issued, with reference to the earlier Certification.

However, often the reason to re-test is that the IUT supports additional or different testable DLMS/COSEM features.

This should be reflected then in the meter type / firmware version and shall lead to a new Certification

Manufacturer name change

In the case when the name of a manufacturer changes, it is up to the manufacturer to inform its customers about the Certifications assigned to its predecessor(s) that should be considered by them as valid for the new company name.