Test result

At the end of the test, the CTT generates the test result fle.

The test result file is a .zip file that comprises:

  • the _CTI.txt file prepared by the tester;
  • the _Hash.txt file generated over the other files that allows verifying the authenticity of the test result;
  • the _Log.dat file that is used by the DLMS UA for support (from CTT3.1 Version 106);
  • the _Log.txt file that includes all test events with a time stamp. In the case of the extended edition, all APDUs and frames are deciphered, decoded and presented in an XML-like, human readable form;
  • the _Report.txt file that includes the information about the IUT, a summary of test results and the verdict on each test case;
  • the _Traffic.rtf file that includes all messages sent to and received from the IUT with a time stamp so that the contents of the line traffic file can be correlated with that of the Log file.