Board of Directors

The DLMS UA Board of Directors is the second highest governance level and is composed of up to 9 Promoter Members represented by Nominee Directors and up to 4 Advanced or Full Members represented by Directors 

Promoter, Advanced or Full Members can be represented in the DLMS UA Board of Directors for a term of one (1) year, and shall continue until such Promoter, Advanced or Full Member: is no longer in Good Standing; resigns, or the representation right is terminated.  If that should happen the DLMS UA Board of Directors may decide to fill the vacancy.

The DLMS UA Board of Directors is responsible for the final approval of the DLMS UA Specifications, DLMS UA Qualification Program, DLMS UA Internal Regulations (Bylaws) and DLMS UA Intellectual Property and Copyrights Policy used in the DLMS UA as well as all operational activities, while insuring adequate use of DLMS UA financial resources. 

The full rights and responsibilities of the DLMS UA Board of Directors are outlined in the DLMS UA Internal Regulations (Bylaws) document which can be viewed here

The Board of Directors: 

    • Tony Field

      Chairman of the Board of Directors

      Represents ITRON.

      Tony has worked in the metering industry for over 17 years with a focus on the UK market and more latterly a global responsibility for some standardisation topics within Itron. Tony has worked within the UK smart metering program since its inception, holding several participatory and leadership positions within the industry, including Chair of BEAMA Smart Metering Group Technical Committee, and representing BEAMA in various standardisation committees, industry and government working groups. Tony has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the DLMS UA since November 2016 and prior to this appointment served as a Director Alternate of the ZigBee Alliance.

    • Giovanni Riboldi

      Chairman of the Qualification Board

      Represents Goerlitz and Euro DCS.

      Giovanni joined the DLMS UA in 1998 when he became a member of the Board.  He is currently the General Manager of Goerlitz Italia, and holds a Doctorate in Electronic Engineering, with a specialism in Software Engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan.  He holds roles including Convenor of the ESMIG System Business and SPG Working Group’s and Chairman of the CTG Working Group.  He is also a member of the IEEE. 

    • Milan Kozole

      Chairman of the Technical Board

      Represents Iskraemeco.

      Milan first joined the Board of Directors in 2008.  He’s worked for Iskraemeco since 1985, after gaining a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Ljubljana.  He is currently responsible for Systems Architecture at Iskraemeco, and is a member of CENLEC, IET and SIST Working Groups, as well as being a member of IDIS and ESMIG.  In 2014 Milan was awarded the IEC 1906 AWARD, for contribution to new elements in DLMS/COSEM, especially in the field of information security

    • Jani Maaranen

      Chairman of the Strategy Board

      Represents Landis + Gyr.

      Jani has been a member of the DLMS Board since 2017.  With a Masters in Applied Physics from Jyväskylä University, he has extensive technical experience in metering, including portfolio analysis, specification, planning and management of major smart metering roll-outs.  He currently leads the product management for Landis & Gyr Energy Management devices and products across EMEA and is a contributor to Landis & Gyr’s smart metering platforms.

    • Peter Jensen


      Represents EDF.

      Peter joined the DLMS UA in 2007 and became a Board Director in 2013.   He is currently a Senior Researcher and Project Manager IN EDF’s Research & Development division. He has a senior advisory role in smart metering and smart grid projects for the EDF Group. Before joining EDF, Peter held positions as a project manager and advanced development manager for more than 15 years in the test & measurement business. He has been involved in standardisation work within IEC TC13 and DLMS UA for over 10 years and received the IEC « 1906 award » in 2016.

    • Henri Teboulle


      Represents Sagemcom

      Henri was appointed to the DLMS UA board in 2022. With an Engineering degree in Electronics, he holds more than 130 patents to his name. He has worked for Sagemcom since 2007 and currently serves as Technology and Innovation Manager. Henri represents Sagemcom within numerous standardization bodies, notably ESMIG, G3-PLC Alliance and LoRa Alliance where he brings his extensive knowledge in the field of metering, associated networks and IoT. Henri is also an Emeritus Expert (the highest level of expertise attainable).

    • Peter Dependahl


      Represents Elster Solutions (The Honeywell Group)

      Peter was appointed to the DLMS UA Board in 2020.  He joined Elster Solutions (acquired by Honeywell in 2015) as Head of R&D Electricity Metering and Communications in 2011 and is now Director of R & D for Honeywell, Electricity with responsibility for smart meters in EMEA markets as well as focusing on innovation, platforms and new technologies for Electricity, Gas and Water products within Honeywell.  Peter holds a MSc in electronic engineering and computer science from RWTH Aachen, Germany. 

    • Brecht Wyseur


      Represents the Kudelski Group

      Brecht joined the Kudelski Group in 2009 where he is currently Product Manager IoT and manages the Product Strategy on Industrial IoT and Critical Infrastructure. 

      Brecht holds a PhD in Cryptography from the University of Leuven, Belgium. Brecht has a strong technical background and has been active in several research projects on Cryptography and Software Security funded by the European Commission and national governments. He is also a member of the European Energy ISAC and working with the World Economic Forum on cyber resilience programs for the Electrical Energy Market.

    • Viktória Varjú

      Secretary of Board of Directors

      Viktoria was appointed as the Secretary of the Board of Directors in 2016.

      She has worked for the DLMS UA since 2010 and carries out a variety of roles including investigating test reports, issuing Certifications, editing the DLMS/COSEM specification and helping to organise the Association’s presence at exhibitions.  She also is responsible for organising meetings of the Association.  

      Viktoria holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and has previously worked for the Hungarian Telecommunications company.