The work of the DLMS UA is delivered by a small team.
    • Sergio Lazzarotto

      Executive Director and President

      Sergio was appointed as the President and Executive Director of DLMS UA in September 2019, to help drive the future development and innovation of the organisation, opening the Standard up to new markets.  

      His mission is to position DLMS/COSEM as the protocol of choice to help meet the challenges that the Energy and Water markets face. Sergio has over twenty years of experience in the computer industry, most recently specialising in business development and innovation management in the field of Smart Cities. Innovation has been at the core of his work for large BlueChip organisations, managing large multinational divisions.  

      He has focused most recently on the area of standardisation, particularly on USB, Wibree and Bluetooth - all globally accepted standards 

    • Győző Kmethy

      President Emeritus of the DLMS User Association

    • Viktória Varjú

      Membership Administration

      For all queries concerning the activity of membership and certification applications. Victoria also administers and maintains the FlagID database.

    • Maintenance Working Group Convenor and Liaisons’ Project Manager

      For all queries concerning the activity of the Maintenance Working Group and Liaisons with other standardisation bodies.

    • Secretary of Working Groups and Standing Committees.

      For all queries relating to the working of the Boards and the Working Groups.

    • Marketing and Communications

      For all media enquiries and questions concerning DLMS User Association marketing.